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Travelling through Alaska, at the tip of North America, down to the edge of Antarctica in South America’s Patagonia, each region of this picture-perfect coastline is magnificently different. That’s the magic of the Americas. It truly has something for everyone.

The wondrous world of the Americas is a continent divided between North, Central and South America, and each is incredibly distinct in culture, cuisine, and even landscapes. The quiet calmness of the Inside Passage in Alaska. Oysters the size of your hand in culture-rich San Francisco. Breathing in the flavours of Latin America. Or marveling at the raw untouched beauty of Costa Rica. Culture, cuisine, history and architecture are as diverse as the breathtaking landscapes and curious creatures within them.

Each Scenic Eclipse Discovery Voyage combines ultra-luxury with exploration. You can venture to the very depths of Patagonia on our custom-built submarine^, an ice world found at the furthest point of South America. You will be able to soar above the skies of Costa Rica by helicopter^ and marvel at vibrant green jungles that reach deep into the horizon. And in Alaska, take out a kayak and witness an inquisitive humpback whale as they glide past with ease. With Scenic, you’ll be placed in the very heart of these remarkable regions.

^Flights on board two helicopters and submarine at additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, availability, weight restrictions, medical approval and weather and ice conditions. Submarine is unable to operate in US waters.

ABOVE: Scenic Eclipse, Sitka, Alaska

Untouched Wildness of Alaska

The largest continent in North America, there is an unrivalled mightiness to Alaska. Home to the biggest eagle population and the hugest whale, the endangered blue whale. There are more moose than people, and the brown bears are the most towering on earth. It isn’t just the wildlife that’s supersized here. The national parks are the size of nations, and glaciers are bigger than many US states. This is a place where many locals continue to live solely off the land, hunting deep within the wild. Time appears to have stood still in Alaska, and that’s what makes it one of the few remaining places on our planet that is truly wild.

During a Scenic 15-day Adventures through the Inside Passage Discovery Voyage, you’ll be fully immersed in nature. You can kayak through the pristine waters of Sitka Sounds, watching as tall-finned orcas, bowhead whales and ghostly white belugas breach and play nearby. In the vast Tongass National Park in Wrangell, be inspired by the sounds of the rainforest on a walking tour. Take in the vibrant green vista as you cruise into the remote Kodiak Island, or explore the craggy mountains of Dutch Harbour, the world’s most famous fishing port. A voyage through Alaska is abundant with extraordinary sightseeing experiences, from the moment you board until the second you disembark.

LEFT: Whale, Inside Passage, Alaska

Wondrous West Coast USA

There is no other way to describe North America’s West Coast than iconic. Flanked by the Pacific Coast on one side and vast mountain ranges on the other, this dramatic coastline is home to both vibrant cities and charming coastal towns. An unrivalled wine region neatly hugs those famous Californian beaches. Orcas swim and bears roam in fjord-like channels that run right from the north, on the Canadian boarder, down to San Diego. The west coast is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and for good reason.

In 2022, Scenic Eclipse will explore this coastline, uncovering both hidden gems and must-sees spotted throughout this remarkable region. In lesser-known Eureka, you will take a guided hike through an incredible coastal forest where you’ll be surrounded by redwoods, the world’s tallest trees. In Astoria, the stunning waterways of Youngs River are perfect for a sunset bike ride. And at famous bayside markets in San Francisco, you can enjoy some of the largest oysters in the world before taking a ferry to the mystifying island prison of Alcatraz. Our top choice, however, has to be flying into the world-renowned Napa Valley in one of two Scenic Airbus helicopters^, before sampling the region’s prodigious Cabernet Sauvignon. A moment that you will likely remember for a lifetime.

^Flights on board two helicopters at additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, availability, weight restrictions, medical approval and weather and ice conditions.

LEFT: Wine tasting, Napa Valley, USA

The Breathtaking Beauty of The Baja Coast

In the early morning light, the pristine waters surrounding the Baja Coast glows gold. The world’s second-longest peninsula is truly a masterpiece, a place where rugged tropical mountains frame pristine beaches. Nestled between the Baja California and the Mexican mainland is a remarkable body of water known as the Sea of Cortez. Named the ‘The Aquarium of the World', this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the home to an abundance of sea life that swim with ease through crystal clear waters. Tropical fish, turtles and brightly coloured starfish can all be spotted as you snorkel here.

Found throughout the Sea of Cortez are sensational islands of all shapes and sizes. Scenic Eclipse will glide into the most remote. On Isla Cerralvo, a small speck of an island just 28 kilometres in length, you’ll discover beautiful beaches others don’t even know exist. In the deeper waters that surround Isla Cerralvo, swordfish grippers and marlin flourish, making it prime location for big game fishing. At the incredible San Rafaelito Island, you can snorkel with a colony of playful Californian sea lions. Then when you’re needing to feel the earth beneath your feet, it’s time to uncover the unique charms of La Paz, the capital of the Baja California Sur. This is a place to stroll along the seafront promenade and sample the many delicious culinary delights of this lively strip of restaurants and bars.

LEFT: Green Sea Turtle, Snorkelling, Sea of Cortez

Raw and Remarkable Central America

From the untouched countryside of Guatemala to the tropical beaches of Niagara, and the monkey-filled mountains of Costa Rica, Central America is a place of transcendent beauty. These are beautiful lands that few visitors have set foot on. Beaches that only locals know about. And nature reserves where the unique animals have rarely seen humans. There is an abundance to discover and on Scenic Eclipse, each on shore experiences has been meticulously planned to ensure you’re taken to the core of this region.

In Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala, you can enjoy a guided tasting of the region’s best rums. In Acajutla in San Salvador, you’ll be plunged deep in nature at the spectacular El Impossible National Park, before kayaking to the breathtakingly beautiful beaches in Nicaragua. In Bahia Culebra in Costa Rica, take in the lush green vista by soaring above on a Scenic helicopter^. Or zip line through the Papagayo Canopy as you’re cheered on by troop of mischievous white-faced monkeys.

^Flights on board two helicopters at additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, availability, weight restrictions, medical approval and weather and ice conditions.

LEFT: White-faced monkeys, Costa Rica

The Cultural Treasures of South America

Let’s set the stage. Deep in the Andean mountainscape is one of the most celebrated archaeological sites in the world. There’s no way to truly prepare yourself for the thrill that comes from visiting Machu Picchu for the very first time. Breathing in the sacred air, marveling as the mist lifts to unveil this 15th century relic’s true greatness, and then learning about the rich history of this region. South America is special for many reasons but it is Machu Picchu which is the star of the show, much like visiting the Great Wall of China or the pyramids in Egypt.

Once you’ve ticked this moment off your list, there’s plenty more to uncover in South America. After all, where else in the world can you kayak the calm waters of Utria National Park before sampling Michelin star restaurants Lima? And then, when you think you’ve seen it all, you can explore the World Heritage-listed site of Chan Chan in Peru, visit the Huasco Salt Flat National Park, and glide past the impressive glaciers of Patagonia. This is a land where heat meets cold, where rugged wildness meets old-age culture and history. On board Scenic Eclipse, each day is spectacularly different, it's where ultra-luxury meets discovery.

LEFT: Machu Picchu, Peru

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